Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Seals Equals More Sharks - Surprise!

Way back when - there was bounties on seals. The bounties are gone, they ended in 1962. The Marine Mammal Protection Act, entered into law in 1972 included seals even though they were not endangered. That was 38 years ago (check my math here).  Since then we've had a fairly steady increase in the number of seals.

Seals eat a lot of fish. And, they hang out together in large bunches.  Currently they hang out on Monomoy Island, Chatham's outer beaches, the Nauset inlet near Orleans' Nauset Beach, and up in Truro, near the P-Town line. Not surprisingly, these locations are where great white sharks have been spotted. I've simplified the situation, but you can read the whole article on the Cape Codder's website.... Here.

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