Sunday, August 01, 2010

July's Preliminary Sales Results

July is history. Not a bad month for sales, continuing the closings from the robust spring selling season. We are clearly returning to a normal marketplace after a slow 2009. Here are the facts...
  • There were 12 closings in July (same as June) with an average sale price of $450K, and a median of $457K.
  • This year, July's closings totaled $5.4M. Last year's total was $4.2M on 10 sales.
  • There were 64 closings year-to-date (7/31/10), up 60% from 2009's 40 sales.
  • Currently, there were 103 homes for sale in Eastham, with an average list price of 599K, and a median price of $469K.
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