Monday, August 26, 2013

2014 Eastham Assessment Information

I met with Gail McAleer, the Town Deputy Assessor, today. Eastham's 2014 assessment data is available now. She gave me the 'highlights'. A few data points...
  • The assessment is intended to represent home values as of 1/1/2013
  • The median single family residential home assessment for 2014 is $382,250, down 1.1% from the 2013 median assessment
  • The average assessed value is $443,907
  • There were 5091 single family homes in Eastham as of 1/1/2013  (up 10 from 2012)
  • The total assessed value for Eastham's single family residences is $2.26 Billion (down about 1%)
The 2014 real estate tax rate for Eastham is $7.02/thousand (up 7.5%). The tax on the median-valued home will be $2,683.40.

The assessments for individual homes are available online on the Town of Eastham website...Here. You can also pick up a newspaper-like copy of the town assessments at Town Hall and at quite a few of Eastham's commercial establishments (e.g. the Eastham Superette).

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