Thursday, January 28, 2010

Complete Eastham 2009 Sales Data

Eastham, MA, SignThe Eastham sales data for 2009 reveals some very interesting observations. Go to my website's 2009 Sales page for the details.

What we saw was that the number of sales was down 21% from 2008, the average home sale price was down 10.3%, and the median was down 12.7%. These stats are primarily the result of a near-total lack of buyers in the $450K to $600K home price range, the 'normal' middle space. I believe that these buyers are simply holding back, waiting for the economic "all-clear" signal, which I'm hoping will come early this new year. Further evidence of this void is that the median sold house size (in square feet) is down roughly 15%.

This information, along with details about inventory, is from my February newsletter. Download a copy of my February newsletter, Here

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