Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Radio Towers at Coast Guard Beach

One of my readers emailed me about the towers she saw in the Coast Guard Beach in the webcam that I linked to a few days ago (check it out ...Here). Today I drove down to the beach to see up close what she saw. What surprised me was the sheer number of radio antennas that were on the bluffs and surrounding the Coast Guard Station.

It turns out that Coast Guard Beach was the focal point for the annual celebration (on January 18th) of Marconi's first transatlantic transmission, 106 years ago. The antennas are used by ham radio enthusiasts in their celebration. The towers will be removed in the next few days, weather permitting. The photo, right, is the big tower that's visable from the webcam.

Thank you Helen R.


Linda Stoll said...

Thanks for letting us know what seemed to suddenly appear on the webcam! I was wondering if somehow I had missed the tower and wires all along!

Glad to know that my mind and eyesight aren't going!

Sarah Strohmeyer said...

Ditto. I almost called the station to ask (in kind of a panic) if this was permanent. That said, I wish they'd take it down. I have the webcam bookmarked and whenever I get stuck, searching for the right word, etc., I click it on and it unlocks my mind. Kind of amazing these towers went up so fast and withstood some powerful winter storms.
Thanks for checking it out!