Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wellfleet's Sticker Controversy

Wellfleet Beach StickersEvery once in a while a 'new' debate occurs that just seems wrong. This year the controversy is about Wellfleet's beach stickers. It seems there is a little known, and unenforced, regulation that you may have only one beach sticker on your car's windshield. The purpose is simply to help the parking attendants quickly determine whether a vehicle has a current beach sticker. By removing all past year's stickers the process becomes much simpler. The rule has been unenforced - until this year. The town has been handing out $50 fines to drivers who haven't removed their old stickers.

The problem? It seems that old stickers have become a 'badge of honor' among beach goers. My cars (I live in Eastham) have stickers going back to 2000. Although maybe a bit silly, I wear my stickers proudly. Read the article in the Boston Globe that makes out Wellfleet as 'unfriendly' and mean-spirited. It really isn't.

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