Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dune Shacks in the Provincelands

Provincelands Dune ShackScattered among the dunes in the Peaked Hill Bars Historic District spanning Truro and Provincetown are 19 dune shacks. These are small (dare I say 'tiny'?) dwellings that province basic protection from the elements, but not much more. These have historically been the place of solitude and creativity for artists and writers, who rent them by the week. You'll need to be ready to bring in everything you'll need for your stay. Water is available via hand-pumps. Toilet facilities are composting out-houses.

Getting to the shacks is a considerable hike, over soft sand. Plan on going on a cooler day and bring plenty of water. There is limited parking where Snail Rd turns off Route 6, then hike toward the Atlantic. There is a vague trail that will lead you past a few of the cottages. I took the photo during my last hike there. Also, there is an article (with photos) in the Cape Codder online edition that is a good read.


Donna, Elkins Park, PA said...

I'm considering my (affordable) Cape home . . . what shall it be? Quonset hut? Yurt? Tipi? Mom's RV? But then Bob found these! Neither tiny nor small, but cozy! :)

By the way, what's up with this guy:

Unknown said...

this shack is owned by my friends family and is private propety. you are trespassing. it was once owned by harry kemp.

rjsheldon said...

David - the photo was taken a few years ago. To the best of my recollection, there was no signage indicating private ownership. I'll assure you that we didn't remove anything from the cottage.

Donna, Elkins Park, PA said...

I'm from rural Massachusetts originally and like David, used to get upset about trespassing. Our house is at a T intersection that leads to the small neighborhood grocery store so kids and adults both cut through my property all the time. None of the other neighbors have "No Trespassing" signs or are fenced in. I once got the back yard surveyed for a fence, but it would've made the area look so small that I gave up on that idea. I called my local officials about the problem and they didn't understand my concern--it was like I was speaking Klingon.

So I made up my own "trespassing rules:" whenever I see people cutting through, they have to stop and introduce themselves. Still no fences, no signs, and I know all my neighbors.

Bob, privacy and trespassing might be a good topic for your newsletter if you haven't covered it already. I receive four or five real estate newsletters on a regular basis and have never seen anyone cover this topic--you could offer guidelines for people that want to be private and people who enjoy neighbors and community. It's not always obvious just from looking at a property to tell how busy (or not) an area is especially if you're new to the area.

rjsheldon said...

Donna - I agree. Your idea wouldn't work very well for the Dune Shacks, since they are unoccupied 80% of the time. Do you get my newsletter? If you have ideas for the no-trespassing discussion, please give me a call at 508-237-9545. Thank you.