Monday, August 24, 2009

1986 - Hurricane Charley

Back in August 1986 Hurricane Charley was rushing up the Atlantic coast and threatened Cape Cod. It wasn't much of a hurricane, but it caused a few fatalities in Virginia and North Carolina. Anyway, my family was camping at Maurices Campground in Wellfleet, in a tent trailer. The news showed that the storm was going to miss the Cape, but we would still get winds in excess of 55 mph and lots of rain overnight. We were concerned about the winds its effect on all the trees that we were camping under.

We were vacationing with another family, so we rented one of Maurice's cabins and set up the 'women & children' in a cabin for the night. Luckily the storm didn't amount to much; just some rain and stiff breezes. Unscathed. The storm, however, was key to our decision to rent homes, in Eastham, when we vacationed on Cape Cod instead of camping.

Below is a photo I took the 'morning after'. The lighting was still that strange purple and the waves were impressive. Enjoy!

Nauset Light Beach After Hurricane Charley

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