Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - An Update

It currently appears that the eye of Hurricane Sandy will cross from sea to shore somewhere between Cape May and New York City. The sheer vastness of this storm, estimated at about 800-1000 miles across, will ensure that Cape Cod gets its share of wind and rain. The local news stations are comparing Sandy with the "Perfect Storm" of 1991. The 'Perfect Storm' reference may be a bit overstated, but winds may well approach 75-80 mph on the Outer Cape early Tuesday morning. We aren't expected to get a lot of rain, likely under 2 inches. Waves on the ocean side may top 15-20 feet, and bayside erosion may be severe. We'll need to pay attention to the weather predictions as the storm gets closer. Follow the 'action' at

Below is the projected path of Sandy, captured just a few minutes ago. The time marks on the figure suggest that this could be a long duration event.


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