Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Two Frenchmen Row to France from Chatham

Two Frenchmen, Bruno Froideval and Mathieu Bonnier, started their cross Atlantic rowing adventure a few days ago, on June 20th. They intend to individually row their respective rowboats from Chatham to Saint Jacques, France. The journey is to take an estimated 70-75 days and capitalize on the prevailing currents for much of the effort, but they will do a lot of 'actual' rowing. There rowboats are not your open 3 seaters that we grew up with - they are a technical marvels that, when fully outfitted, can weight upwards of 800 pounds. Check out the following websites for more information:
Lastly, check out this video from the Cape Cod Chronicle which shows the rowboats and their departure.

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