Saturday, June 16, 2012

2012's Quahog Day - June 20th

In the tradition of Groundhog Day, Cape Cod has it's own weather predictor. He is Doug, the Quahog. On June 20th this year he will be carried to his perch at the Skipper Restaurant in South Yarmouth where he'll predict the weather for the upcoming summer season. Last year he accurately predicted 12 weeks (and a day) of beach weather for the Cape. This will be his fourth year and the ceremony will be on all the local (and a few Boston) stations. The 2012 event is supported by Cape Cod Textile, The Skipper Restaurant, Quahog Republic, the Yarmouth Area Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Yarmouth Parks & Recreation Department.

The event was conceived by the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce and will have plenty of pomp and fun happenings, including a week of Quahog activities. Check out the Quahog Day website at

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