Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Golf Balls From Lobster Shells

What happens to all those lobster shells that remain after the lobsters are stripped of all their meat? At my house they just go in the garbage. But, I haven't thought about all the shells from the food companies that process lobster meat for lobster ravioli, lobster soup, lobster tails, etc. The problem is that the shells end up in landfills.

Leave it to the scientists from the University of Maine to figure out a good use for these discarded lobster shells. They've 'invented' a golf ball made from the shells. The selling point is that these lobster golf balls will dissolve in water a fairly short time, measured in weeks. Read the article on Yahoo Sports GrindTV blog. 

I'm not sure that dissolvable golf balls are a good idea. I will always retrieve lost balls. Do I then need to worry if they will turn to mush with a good tee-shot?

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