Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Cape's Outside Showers Are A No-No!

It seems that just about all our guilty pleasures are wrong on some level. The latest is the coveted Cape Cod outdoor shower. It seems that the outdoor shower, technically, should be drained into the home's septic system (according to Title V rules).  The grey water, with its soaps, should not be just drained into the soil, as 99.99% of all outdoor showers do.  But (BUT!) the drainage of rain run-off into the septic system is prohibited. This creates a new problem - controlling the drainage.

My argument, shared by most Cape Codders, is that the soil is one giant sand filter - so, what's the problem?  Read about this issue in the Cape Codder ... Here.

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Anonymous said...

This was new news to me. OMGosh! Leave the outdoor shower alone.........there is enough to worry about in this world, and I'm not going there....I love outdoor showers, sometimes until almost December. Dig in some rocks or shells and be happy. If you feel like it use baby shampoo or the natual "green" products. Enjoy! I think there are some folks with too much time on their hands finding fault with these nature inspired showers, probably who fight for the costly, dangerous, damaging, wind turbines in beautiful residential neighborhoods(especially on the tiny Cape Cod parcels available). I really wouldn't be surprised if it were these 'important' uneducated or properly informed policy people, jumping on any "green" idea for their own notability and benefit. Interesting and good go hop into your good ol' shower and tell them to buzz off.