Monday, April 26, 2010

Zoning - New Site Coverage Calculations

The upcoming Eastham Town Meeting, May 3rd, has, as Article 27, a new way to calculate site coverage. Site coverage, put simply, is measured in square feet, and represents how large the structure(s) on a property is. The new definition will be (if approved) ...
  • Site Coverage - The sum of the gross horizontal area of the floors of a dwelling including the square footage of any permanently roofed accessory structures such as sheds, garages, screen porches and covered decks but excluding unfinished attic areas, unfinished basement areas, and farmer's porches.

The new definition will include some areas previously omitted, such as hallways and stairs. Also, by including sheds and covered decks, homes will appear larger than they previously were.

This new definition won't be used by the assessors, only by Planning and Zoning.

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