Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Picture of the Day - High Tide at Lieutenant Island

I saw that the water seemed a bit higher in Duck Creek as I was driving from Wellfleet to Eastham today, about lunchtime, so I took a side trip down Lieutenant Island Rd, toward the bridge. I was surprised at how deep the water seemed at the bridge. The sign said "Road Underwater at High Tide". Ya think? Here's the photo I took ...

Lieutenant Island Bridge, Wellfleet, MA


Linda Stoll said...

Oh wow ... eerily beautiful!

I have to pass this note on to you.

My daughter writes, "We were just eating lunch and Katie came down wearing her Cape Cod sweatshirt so we started talking about the beach and Andrew says: "Cape Cod is heaven; right?"



rjsheldon said...

Andrew is correct. When are you coming out?