Sunday, September 15, 2013

Way Off Topic - But....

Sometimes genius comes from the simple things. Cars now can drive themselves, park themselves, warn you if you wander out of your lane, and a myriad of other high tech advancements. They are big news in a way that sounds very expensive. But, this year's winner is far more simple. The Honda minivan, the Odyssey, sports a auto central vacuum cleaner. They call it HondaVac (how clever!).

Apparently, this stroke of brilliance came from a Honda engineer's 10 year old daughter. Of course! I'm hoping that next year's brilliance might be something like an in-car Keurig coffer maker. Or maybe a way to retrofit a central vac in my car. Just a thought.

Read about this 10 year old's brilliance on the US News website... Here. 

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