Friday, May 10, 2013

Photo of the Day - Nauset Light & Beach Update

Earlier today we put the top down and drove out to see the ocean beaches and whether the stairs had been repaired at Nauset Light Beach. What we found was both good and bad...

  • It looks like the beaches have pretty well repaired themselves. The cliffs are steeper than I remember, but the beaches (both Coast Guard and Nauset Light) looked pretty good. 
  • The path to Coast Guard is a bit steeper than it was, but quite pass-able. 
  • The surfers are out en-mass. The water is WAY too cold for me.
  • The stairs at Nauset Light haven't been replaced yet. It appears that work has started, but certainly aren't ready for the summer crowds. I'm told the stair flights will be built off-site and brought to the beach and installed. They have only a few weeks before the folks start coming.
The photo below is of the Nauset Light lighthouse, which is currently being painted. The blotches on the lighthouse are (I presume) the undercoating before the final familiar red and white. 

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