Sunday, November 20, 2011

Eastham's Rubber Duck Race - I Was A Winner!

It was warm (low 60's), the wind was torturous (30 mph, sustained), whitecaps on the river, and the tide was coming in. The location was Bee's River, at the end of the First Encounter Beach parking lot. About a hundred folks showed up to enjoy smores and hot coffee, brave the wind, and watch the race. So, after collecting a buck-a-duck, the town rec committee dumped the large bag of ducks into the incoming tide and proceeded to chase the ducks upstream into the marsh. Upstream a ways were 2 brave souls in waders who proceeded to collect the first 10 or so ducks that reached them. These were the 'winners'.

Much to my surprise, my duck took 2nd place, a 16 pound turkey.  It was all skill!

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