Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lucky Enough

This past Saturday I was invited to the new Eastham home of one of my recent clients. On the way there, I was listening to Radio Margaritaville on XM radio. I heard a song that kinda said it all.  The song, Lucky Enough by Scott Kirby, had the line "if you are lucky enough to live beside blue water, you are lucky enough". Not bad!

I try to visit the ocean at least once a week. The 'blue water' is why I moved to Cape Cod nine years ago. The temperate weather, lack of snow, wonderful recreational opportunities (hiking, biking, golf, fishing, kayaking, etc), are all important, but it's the water that was the real attraction.  I feel blessed to be able to live and work in Eastham.

Listen to Scott Kirby sing his song in the video below.  Check out Scott Kirby's website at  His songs are available on iTunes.

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