Saturday, February 26, 2011

“Do something good… Famously"

That's what the three interns at the New York advertising firm Bartle, Bogle and Hegarty (BBH) were told. They were given $1000 seed money and told to use their skills to do something good, but do it famously. They created "Underheard in New York", giving 4 homeless men pre-paid cell phones, teaching them to tweet, and having them tweet about their lives surviving on the cold, cold streets of New York.

I'm the proud Uncle Bob to the 22 year-old Rosemary Melchior, one of the three interns. This project has gotten significant press (CNN, Fox News, CBS, CNN-International, Huffington Press, NY Times, LA Times, etc) and has provided a number of great surprises. Check out the Underheard in New York website, which chronicles the project and has a few very interesting videos.  One of the men was re-united with his daughter who he hadn't seen in 11 years. Wow!

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