Monday, January 03, 2011

French Cable Station Museum

The French Cable Station, in Orleans, was the American termination point for a telegraph cable that came directly to Orleans from France, known as "Le Direct" (the direct cable). It was installed in 1898 and was almost 3200 miles long, from Brest France to Orleans, a distance of almost 3200 miles.

The first French Cable was installed in 1869 and landed in Duxbury Ma. It had been routed through St Pierre Island near Newfoundland. Duxbury was a busy port and the cable suffered a number of breaks. A new French Cable was laid in 1879 to North Eastham, at Nauset Light, and a two story station was built there. North Eastham was too isolated and was difficult to reach in bad weather. The current building in Orleans was built in 1891.

The 'Station' has been opened as a museum, with mostly summer hours. The museum is at the corner of Cove Rd and Rt 28, in Orleans. Check out the French Cable Station Museum's website.French Cable Station Museum

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