Monday, April 13, 2009

Even the Financial Times Says It's Time To Buy on Cape Cod

Even the Financial Times says its time to buy on Cape Cod. The article titled "In Cape Cod We Trust" highlights that the time of opportunity is now. My RE/MAX Classic colleague, Thom Schoepfer, is quoted in the article. Thom said, “The Cape holds a place in the hearts and minds of people and there’s real value here. You get it from personal enjoyment and use, income if you rent your home out and appreciation if you hang on to it.”

It's a good read. The FT says that the drop in house prices in desirable communities, combined with historically low interest rates, has created a modest boom in the area’s holiday property market. “It’s all those magical stars aligning,” says Thom. Go the the Financial Times to read the article.

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