Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stow-Away Porcupine Bites Dust

Eastham PorcupineThis past week a very rare sighting was made of a porcupine in Eastham, near the bike path, on Locust Road. I say 'sighting' but the animal was actually roadkill. Since porcupines are nocturnal, they 'travel' at night and probably was nailed while crossing the road. Since porcupines aren't known to be on the Cape, how did it get all the way to the Outer Cape? The answer will never be known, but one theory is that it may have been 'bundled' into a load of Christmas trees and delivered here. An involuntary stow-away! This story appeared in Friday's Cape Codder - take a look.


John said...

You are a little morbid with this. "bites dust" and "roadkill"? Why not a "why did the porcupine cross the road?" joke. Punchline: "We'll never know, he didn't make it".

rjsheldon said...

I could have mentioned his 'dirt nap'.