Thursday, August 28, 2014

New Library Coming Soon (Sorta!)

LibrbaryA project begun in 2005 is finally going to break ground and move forward in a BIG way. The Eastham Public Library will be demolished and rebuilt over the next 18-ish months, starting with a ground-breaking scheduled for September 13th. The Library will be relocating to 3 trailers that will be installed in the parking lot of Town Hall, staying there until the opening of the new Library in early 2016.

The new Library will be state of the art in many ways. Firstly, it'll be LEEDS certified for high energy efficiency, it'll have advanced technology meeting rooms and a small auditorium, there will be climate controlled rooms to store archived historical documents, and it'll have backup power so it can be a gathering location if we lose power for an extensive period of time. I particularly appreciate that the new design incorporates the front section of the current library, which dates way back to the structure prior to it. 

The project is way too extensive to do it justice in my newsletter, but artist renderings, floor plans, ZBA presentations and video (I'm in it as the chair of the ZBA - ugh!), schedules, etc. can be found on the following sites... 1) Eastham Library Building Fund website, 2) Eastham Library,  and 3) Eastham Library - New Library. When it's done it'll be a great new addition to the easy living here in Eastham. 

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