Tuesday, June 08, 2010

New Beach Webcam - Nauset Beach in Orleans

Orleans' Nauset Beach is a town owned public beach and is a continuation of the Cape's outer beach that extends from Provincetown to Chatham's Monomoy Island, a distance (my guess) of about 50-60 miles. A beautiful beach and heavily used by Orleans residents and guests. Parking is a problem, but the are many walk-ins from the town of Orleans.  Anyway, they have a new webcam that rotates, on a minute by minute schedule, through 3 different views. Take a look.... here. I captured the image below a few minutes ago. Another beautiful day!


Donna, Elkins Park, PA said...

WOW . . . another great resource for those of us forced to live our Cape lives vicariously through webcams for now :) Thanks Bob! Have a coffee at the Sparrow for me.

rjsheldon said...

Donna - you comment often on my Blog. Do you get my monthly newsletter?

Donna, Elkins Park, PA said...

Finally got around to signing up. Thanks!