Friday, March 19, 2010

We Love Free Ice Cream!

Eastham's Ben and Jerry'sI try not to spend too much time talking about specific commercial establishments (except RE/MAX Classic). But, the Eastham Ben & Jerry's ice cream store starts each season with a day of free ice cream cones. That day is this coming Tuesday, March 23rd, from 12 Noon to 8 PM. The opening of Ben & Jerry's is a great way to celebrate the coming of Spring.

Family traditions are a strange phenomenon. When I used to bring my family out for a vacation, we had to go to B&J's a few times during the week, usually following a big dinner. My kids, now grown, insist on taking their kids (my grand-kids) to B&J's when they are out. Speaking of the ideal referral!

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Donna, Elkins Park, PA said...

Thanks Bob! Also, free pastry morning (until 10:30 AM) is tomorrow (Tuesday, 3/23) at Starbucks. The coupon is on their website somewhere.

Another "freebie" that local cafes could try (and probably wouldn't cost them too much) is to offer free coffee one morning a week for people who bring their own reusable cups. It encourages people to reuse, and once they're in the store they'll probably buy a treat to go with the coffee :)

Hope you are having an awesome 2010 so far. Real estate here (northern Philly suburb) is still a yawner; the local taxes are just too high. Best regards from Planet Stagnant Property Value,